How You Can Help

Interested in helping make the mobilization run smoothly? Fill out our volunteer/contact form to volunteer for specific tasks, or to contact us about what you'd like to help out with. And spread the word about the mobilization with our flyers, YouTube videos and other materials.

Here are some details about the kinds of things we're working on…


  • Food - Food will only be provided for a limited number of meals during the weekend. Thus, it's important that you bring food for yourself and to share.
  • Housing - Mass housing, enough for about 250 people, is available. It would be very helpful for us to know how many people are planning on using the mass housing, in order for us to ensure that we have enough housing for everyone who wants it. Please be advised that, should space fill up at the church, priority, on the "honor system" will be given to those who have RSVPed. So, please, if you think you might stay in mass housing, let us know soon. Thanks!
  • Transportation - Bringing a car? Want to help out for a few hours? There will be lots of errands to get done the weekend of the mobilization. Some of them will require an automobile. If you are bringing a car, this is a great way to help, even if it's only for a short time.


  • Funds - We need help raising funds; to help people come to DC, to make sure everyone is out of jail, to pay for a phone line, and for various small expenses. Consider setting up a fundraiser in your area.


  • Legal Observers - We need people to serve as legal observers at all of the actions, to document any interaction with the police.
  • Legal hotline monitors - We need people to volunteer to sign up for shifts for the legal support number, to answer calls from people who have witnessed arrest or misconduct, or to answer calls from people in jail. Volunteers would be trained in what to ask (and what not to ask!) and then what to do with the information.
  • Training in all of the above will be available - contact the action working group for more.


  • Mobilizing in your community - We need your help to mobilize people in your community to come to DC! Please download our materials and distibute them, and contact us at if you want an organizing packet in the mail.
  • Regional Meetings - Just like we're holding meetings here in the DC area to plan for the weekend's events, we think it's important that people interested in coming from other places gather to organize themselves before coming. One way to do this is to hold a regional meeting.

    Are you interested in holding a regional meeting in your area? Let us know!

    Click here to see regional meetings that are already planned. Don't see one in your area? Plan one and let us know!

    Please check this page frequently, as more needs will certainly be added soon.